* If your event is expecting to have official SCA business (like awards given, etc.), the event must be registered on the calendar AND published in the Outlandish Herald.

* There is an Event Planning Calendar to see if your event would be scheduled against another group's planned event.

* To register your event on the official calendar (step-by-step instructions), please refer to Kingdom Administration Policy, section V.

Registration Forms: Read this first before downloading forms - GUIDE
Event Registration Form
Kingdom Event Proposal (to Host) Event Form

* Once the event registration is received (with all required signatures and cleared for scheduling conflicts) the Calendar/Event Coordinator and the Chronicler will make sure the event is on the Kingdom Calendar (both online and in the Outlandish Herald).

* After your event is placed on the calendar, submit your Event Submission online to the Outlandish Herald.

* The calendar office will link your event website to the calendar. 

Questions? or to submit an Event Registration to the Kingdom Calendar, email: kingdomcalendar@outlands.org