Please email updates to the kingdom calendar to:

If you are planning an event for your group, please check the Outlands Event Planning Calendar to see if you would be scheduled against another group's event.

To register your event as an official Outlands event and have it posted on the web calendar and on the calendar in the Outlandish Herald:
  • Have your Event Registration Form completed and signed by all necessary parties.
  • Send the event form to the Kingdom Calendar/Event Coordinator and the Kingdom Chronicler through email.  Email is not a requirement, but it is preferred. 
  • Once the event form is received (with all required signatures and cleared for conflicts) the Calendar/Event Coordinator and the Chronicler will make sure the event is on the Kingdom Calendar (both online and in the Outlandish Herald)
  • Ideally any articles for the Outlandish Herald should be filled out on the chronicler's web page, so that there is a less likely chance of errors being created in the re-typing.  If there is someone who absolutely cannot email, both Event Form and article should be mailed.   However, it is much easier if updates to articles (as the event gets closer)can be received by email,  due to time constraints for printing/publishing the Outlandish Herald. You can submit your event's advertisement to the Outlandish Herald and the Kingdom Chronicler through the form located here. You must be logged in to view the page. This form IS NOT part of the calendar, event registration or Kingdom events proposals.

Event Registration Form             Kingdom Event Proposal Form